Focusing on architecture, interior design, contemporary art and social practice, Campbell Drake Studio is a multi disciplinary design studio that seeks to challenge conventional interpretations of interior design and architecture through ideas led practice and research. 

The Princess Theatre Inversion


 Exploring socio-architectural spatial dynamics, this situational experiment was conceived to produce new readings, relationships and experiences between the audience, the performers and the built environment.

The project involved shifting traditional audience / performer / theatre spatial relationships by inverting conventional seating arrangements. An audience of 100 people were seated behind the stage, mirroring the empty auditorium, with two grand pianos interlocked on stage left. Enhanced by choreographed lighting, the attention of the audience was dually focused on the empty auditorium and the two pianists (Elizabeth Drake and Vanessa Tomlinson) performing Steve Reich’s ‘Piano Phase’. The conspicuous absence within the auditorium aims to provoke a transverse condition in which the audience becomes aware of their own position in relation to the performers, the audience members and the built environment.